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On average, restaurants use about two pounds of ice per person served. If you offer cocktails, you’ll need about three pounds of ice per seat for each turn at your bar. You can also figure on four ounces of ice per 10-ounce glass of water you serve. However you calculate it, that’s a lot of ice!

As the video at right points out, that’s one reason why the choice of ice machines is so important, and it’s why The Seattle Restaurant Store proudly carries the Prodigy Plus® line of ice machines from Scotsman.

With production capacities ranging from 150 to 475 pounds per hour, Scotsman’s Prodigy Plus® technology makes it easier than ever to maintain your equipment and save money. Whether it’s the advanced ice-level control or an optional feature board for quick diagnostics, this is ice-making reimagined. Our Quick Pick Guide below will help you find just the right size ice machine for your establishment.

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Lbs/24 hrs
Bin (lbs)
Machine Specs
Bin Specsa
Get TruPrice
Scotsman CU1526SA-1   26"   27-38"   33"   150 80 No
Scotsman CU2026SA-1 26" 27-38" 33" 200 80 No
Scotsman CU3030SA-1 30" 30" 23" 250 110
Scotsman C0330SA-1b 30" 24" 23" 350 270
Scotsman C0322SA-1c 22" 24" 23" 356 290
Scotsman C0522SA-1d 22" 24" 23" 475 420 No
aIf sold separately.  bSold with Bin B330P. Dimensions exclusive of bin.  cSold with Bin B322S. Dimensions exclusive of bin.  dSold with Bin B530P. Dimensions exclusive of bin.



Scotsman has been on the cutting edge of ice machine technology since introducing the first crystal-clear, slow-melting ice cube in 1950. It’s a breakthrough that put them on the map and paved the way for more than 50 years of continuous innovation. Today, Scotsman offers the industry’s broadest and most reliable and energy-efficient line of ice machines available, with many models carrying the ENERGY STAR® seal from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Prodigy Plus® cubers feature AutoAlert™ external indicator lights that continuously communicate the machines’ status in an easily visible location. The patented WaterSense purge control reduces scale buildup by detecting and purging mineral-laden water with every freeze cycle, ensuring only the necessary amount of water is used. All external panel components are crafted for superior fit and finish, as well as aesthetic appeal. Scotsman’s advanced ice level control system uses ultrasonic technology to maintain the selected ice level. A new, self-aligning front panel can be easily removed, allowing clear access to internal components. A diagnostic code display helps technicians determine issues quickly and accurately.



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